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After lobbing the event issue of this year (Vogue Italia July 2008) and stirring up quite a storm with that "Dogging" edit now docked at V Magazine the hype machine has certainly been ruled by Meisel news.

Now the Hiss Squad is working at fever pitch trying to suss out how the Meisel camp will end the year. 5 0r 6 Very Beautiful Blonde (and blond-ish) Girls...those fresh new faces that over-lap with that certain coveted blue chip campaign have all been flitting in out of LA for VI. But whatever were they wearing and doing on set? Stay tuned for the high pitched hiss.

who is on the cover of VI dec 08

I am not sure if she will be on the cover coz there are more girls on the main meisel story but the amazing new comer Sigrid Agren was on this NY shooting

oh let me guess...

oh let me guess... Viktoriya, Anna S, Anna J and the list goes on?

I think I'm already bored by

I think I'm already bored by the overload of explicity sexuality in Fashion mags of late... given how young some of the girls are... it's getting very close to exploitative...
(Bruce Weber's W shoot with lara, Kate et al was definitely a highpoint of the genre... older girls, very sunny and fun)... makes the rest look ......

december cover was shot in

december cover was shot in nyc though!

now i hear he is doing

now i hear he is doing vuitton with madonna !

love meisel

I just can't get enough of Meisel's work. Given the point that his ed in V Magazine isn't that explicit, I don't know why VI refused, because it is definately a fashion ed. I love it when Meisel gets freaky on us. And a little xxx doesn't hurt!!! Some of his best eds are xxx rated.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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