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Darya: Supreme Management: Instant It-GirlDarya: Supreme Management: Instant It-Girl

1.48pm NY time and already the day's been thoroughly brisk. Up at 8.30am... to the gym by 9.30...then to the Supreme/Women offices at 10.30am to knock off a double booking for Spur. On the schedule was Darya, this very pure new girl from the Ukraine but I happened to walk in on quartet of the Supreme ladies stalking back and forth over the black floors. practising, practising, practising for shows. Amanda Laine was one of them. I thought.."Well damn, Hell Week cometh..I should just try to log this interview with Amanda before it turns into 10 castings a day and four fittings after that". That was an economical decision. While chatting with Amanda, Darya came over to sit , waiting her turn. Her eyes scanned over , watching every detail of the interview, absorbing...processing... storing. That is a sign of a smart girl, an ambitious girl , the girl with the stamina to keep going through the trenches to get what they want. In my early discussions with Rad Hourani about a casting direction for his show I had been expressing to him my instinct to just go back to instincts and throw out all the political baggage my day job had recently become burdened with . No more waiting for the "right signals'..or name-checking all the big names you can pull into your wake.Back to basics...purity of intent.. A genius girl walks feel call in for an option. From Rad to the Top 10 Newcomers to Spur bookings it totally about trusting one's own eyes and one's taste. No more waiting. In other words, Darya from the Ukraine, instantly on the short list for Top 10 Newcomer.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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