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Elite's Daul Kim is looking like the new model ideal these daysElite's Daul Kim is looking like the new model ideal these days

What a rough treatment those "girls with no personality" : those blank beauties who until last season made for that quintessential conceptual runway moment have been getting recently. It is no fault of their own. Its just that fashion, like a ravenous beast seems to have gotten bored with them and decided to eat them for lunch, thus clearing the table for...The Next Thing. At the day job there's been tons of talk about the industry resetting itself a business. But it also seems to be resetting itself in terms of its tastes in girls. My favorite Hiss Squadder tells me the next Marc Jacobs show is shaping up to be very mad with "unexpected" types of girls getting marked off already. He's not alone in that aesthetic shift. Suddenly not only is "diversity a buzz word, but eclectic is in too. As in highlighting curious, interesting and quirky girls who confound the old (as in 2007) idea of models. As professional trend surfers we're prepping the ride for all it is worth. One of those girls who I'd love to sit down for an MDX interview with is Daul Kim. Daul is a huge star in Korea, collects forks (as chronicled at and runs around in some of the maddest outfits recently seen on a girl (memories of her space saucer hat and peaked shoulder jacket at a Dave's dinner Elite's Neal hosted in Paris for TI comes to mind). Daul has been this mad for a good year and a half, and stuck out like a sore thumb for it. But it looks like her ship's about to come in for SS 09. Here's to the girls who cry when they confirm Chanel and knew who Martin Margiela was when they were aged 15!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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