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Toccara Jones drops it like it's H-O-T in Vogue Italia July 08. Image via tfsToccara Jones drops it like it's H-O-T in Vogue Italia July 08. Image via tfs

About 2 years ago a journalist for one of the biggest newspapers in NY called up to ask what I thought of Tyra Bank's presentation of the modeling world via America's Next Top Model. "Do any of these girls even stand a chance of ever being shot for anything decent?" he asked in not so many words. I looked up to that symbolic Swiss flag that fluttered in my mind regarding my daily dealings with The Biz. I said "Well, you never know. Fashion people are so perverse by practice. Who's to say Terry Richardson won't take a shine for one of those girls one day. Because." Well it wasn't was Meisel and as hissed his snaps of Toccara Jones are beautiful and free in that classic Meisel FU fashion .... Does that mean SM spends dull Tuesday evenings at home watching reality TV modeling shows? It would be modern, no ? That said, that damn July VI has been a masterpiece of mass media manipulation. From the NY Times previews to Elite North America's Neal Hamil and Veronica Webb discussing the issue on the Today show, the publication of the mag has mushroomed into a pop culture event? How do we know? News stands in New York are taking pre-orders which means you buy the issue in advance. One establishment we checked has already sold out of their allotted shipment as customers are buying 5 copies at a time . Let us now picture Franca Sozzani basking in the audacious majorness of it all . Competition amongst editors is not a new thing but FS is looking like a woman brilliantly on top of the cultural pulse right this minute....Going back to TI's ADD tendencies, what of VI August? The Hiss Squad has reported the likes of Linda, Guinevere and Karen Elson reporting for diva duty. And the Hiss Squad hit a high note by hinting September's key edit is said to be very, very voyeuristic, kinky and naughty! Looks like someone is working out their market leader muscles!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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