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Hiss Hiss...By September shows in NY, a good half dozen of all those CK Jeans/ Hugo Boss/ Armani blue chip faces will have switched agencies. Its like we said at MDC..there seems to be a huge reset going on in the industry these days...And it looks like that July Vogue extravaganza is starting to have an ad impact already. A Very Important Hisser told me today certain clients have instructed our spy to be more "inclusive" in their future ad castings. Very 90's multi-cultural no?

its not just models

i hear edward enninful also changed agencies so its not just models moving

Agnete left for Next?

Did Next bring out the big wallet again? Kloss style?

Otherwise I don't see why she'd switch to Next. Weird move imo.

I don't like all these shifts and changes... it makes me nervous.

oooh..I love guessing games!

oooh..I love guessing games! I'm going with Agnete and Anna S moving to Women NY


Anna S doesn't have a NY agency yet

Taste is a dictatorship.

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