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Daniela de Jesus from Major has one of "those" facesDaniela de Jesus from Major has one of "those" faces

Recently I've been thinking about the line between commercial and edge. Who fixed that line? What is that line based on? Is obvious beauty always boring? And is an unconventional face automatically photogenic?

Last week we had a glimpse of Major's Daniela de Jesus at the MDC offices. There's a litmus test for those go-sees. If a girl makes your hands shake when you ask for her book, if you find yourself stuttering, then you know ....Kurkova made my hands shake. I stuttered the very first time I met Doutzen. To this day I can't maintain eye contact with Daria. Only ambition and talent can tell how far Daniela will go, but after talking with the team , I think we're going to MDX her little video clip and "walk video". What a face! Click on the image and then on "Original" for the full Daniela effect.


she's Mexican


Ella es MexĂ­cana!!

she's part chinese i heard

she's part chinese i heard cool

Post more of her!

Post more of her!

That Line

Hmm...I guess I'm confused as to what is considered 'commercial' and what is considered 'edge'? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it's all subjective, no?

Oh, and I'm digging Miss de Jesus!

I was hoping for more posts

I was hoping for more posts and a discussion to happen.

it's a pure x-factor.

it's a pure x-factor. sometimes we meet and work with new girls that seem to be poised to skyrocket and then simple stall or end up with a catalog career. Valerie Sipp and Cameron are the 2 that really come to mind. both girls were brand new and stunning. Valerie was awkward one moment and beautiful the next, Cameron was just divine. both were lensed by the A list photographers, magazines and campaigns. then it all stopped, for the main reason that they didn't "get" it. as new girls that newness is inspiring as seasoned girls they need to not only inspire but become a major role in the team. Natasha, Missy, Sasha, Anja and Guinevere become the person in the pictures. Erin O'Connor and Karen Elson were 2 new girls that hit hard and were able to become these amazing models because they understood fashion and all the elements.
there's also a bunch of big girls that were commercial before they were picked by A list people. Shannon Glick was at Wilhelmina doing Guess, Daria and Raquel were doing catalog long before they were editorial and Natasha Poly was started in Asia. it's a matter of the stars alining, pure luck, strong and hard working agents and casting directors getting you there...then it comes down to if they girl has that x factor to make it all work.

Awesome post!

Awesome post!

Yes, yes... i really like

Yes, yes... i really like this girl too... she has the je ne sais quoi

Taste is a dictatorship.

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