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Raquel Z is Editorial 24-7Raquel Z is Editorial 24-7

Raquel had lunch the other day with my editor from Spur, Mana which is where this phone pic came from. Thought I'd share it primarily because I love models all the more when they're off duty. The girl is editorial..all the time. Which leads me to Raquel one of the 15 girls being lensed for that certain September extravaganza of an editorial? Frankie Rayder is...and they say her body is better than ever. Comeback Frankie, there is nothing to forgive! Eva Herzigova is and with her LV campaign breaking, she's sure to be most coveted. Let's say this edit is going to have all mag hags running to the stands...over and over again. ...In other mag news TI is greatly looking forward to the September Vanity Fair with its very own Supermodel Extravaganza. The VF ad pages are going to be filled with all those major divas of yesteryear (Linda! Naomi! Claudia!) making this moment their's. Which make Mr Carter very smart in roping in all those ladies for that month. He wants those fashion ads and he wants them with a vengeance! More hiss later!

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