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TI PREVIEW: VSP Chalayan SS2015 VIDEO : Directed by Hussein Chalayan

TI: PREVIEW : VSP CHALAYAN SS 15 from The Image NYC on Vimeo.

VSP, la marque de luxe spécialiste de cuir annonce une collaboration sur plusieurs saisons avec le créateur renommé HUSSEIN CHALAYAN.


Voilà, je regarde les autres.Voilà, je regarde les autres.

Bone structure as destiny.


Gemma Ward : In the Days When She Walked ShowsGemma Ward : In the Days When She Walked Shows

At Haru while having lunch with the nicest model manager you could imagine, the following happened. As usual, the talk had turned to agency gossip. Not malicious, or particularly competitive but just...idle. " Yeah and Gemma Ward's been looking particularly happy these days". he said in a fairly loud voice, "Cause as we all know she's not always the happiest camper" I sat facing the door, so I could see, literally as he spoke the approaching figure of...Gemma Ward, in these little denim hot pants and a totally non-descript tank top with that model staple, an army coat thrown over it. She looked great, tall and slimmer than the last time we glimpsed her with long tousled blonde hair, looking very much like a beautiful teenaged tourist. She was with her IMG agent. I completely blanched and my lunch companion followed my eyeline to its conclusion. At that point we burst out laughing.If this were a scene in a movie, the audience would go..."Yeah Right!" Poor Gemma probably felt over scrutinized at this point and whether under the weight of our gaze or by pure chance, Maja and Gemma soon elected to take an outside table. I waved hello as they went by and left it at that.


Archetype Fall 2015Archetype Fall 2015

Current Viewing: Cory Arcangel: tl;dr : Team (NYC) : Until Oct 26th 2014

These sculptures consist of flat-screen televisions turned on their sides, displaying images taken from pop culture .These sculptures consist of flat-screen televisions turned on their sides, displaying images taken from pop culture .

Team (gallery, inc.) is pleased to announce a solo show of new work by Cory Arcangel. Entitled tl;dr, the exhibition will run from 07 September through 26 October 2014. Team is located at 47 Wooster Street, between Grand and Broome. Concurrently, our 83 Grand Street space will house a one-person show by Ryan McGinley. On 17 September, we will inaugurate a Los Angeles project space with an additional show by Arcangel, also titled tl;dr.

Danny, 2014. Photographed by Marcus Morris.

A good picture hinges on that minute detail.A good picture hinges on that minute detail.

Becoming Her, for Him, for He: Becoming Him, for Her, for She (Becoming Me, for Me, for Me ): Dan Finsel : CAPC (Bordeaux)

This is the  first monographic exhibition in Europe by American artist Dan Finsel.This is the first monographic exhibition in Europe by American artist Dan Finsel.

Première exposition monographique en Europe de l’artiste américain Dan Finsel (né en 1982, vivant à Los Angeles), Becoming Her, for Him, for Her: Becoming Him, for Her, for She (Becoming Me, for Me, for Me.) pose les bases radicales d'un univers visuel et psychologique intense qui explore de manière décapante et affective mythologies familiales et troubles frénétiques de la personnalité multiple dans le Los Angeles d'aujourd'hui. Mélodrames adolescents télévisés, construction d'identités post-Actor's Studio, et poses auto-réflexives philosophico-scénarisées s'amalgament jusqu'à permettre à l'artiste d'expérimenter quelque chose d'autre à travers quelqu'un d'autre. Quelqu'un dont nul ne peut dire s'il s'agit de Dan Finsel lui-même, ou d'un pur produit contemporain d'auto-analyse et de pop culture.


J. W. Anderson As Cultural Avatar

J.W Anderson Spring 2015. Image via style.comJ.W Anderson Spring 2015. Image via

Fashion people don't say what they really think. For the public record that is. The publicists have done their job too well and point-of-view finds itself usurped by a kind of blind and random coverage marked by an insincere gloss of words that can finally be translated to mean…"I'm so happy to be here…Cut to my #InstaFab". So what I find interesting is the private conversations the dedicated followers of fashion invest in and I mean not just the shop-o-holics but the crafters of image in the blue chip creative studios. Among the photography, design (yes designers watch each other obsessively) and editorial cliques, the designer they talk compulsively about these days, in the way a prior cycle was given to monomaniacal chatter about 00's Prada, (or Ghesquiere's early days at Balenciaga, ) is the J.W Anderson out of London.

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